Welcome to #iwillchooselove, my little corner of the internet that focuses on the good in the world, and positive responses to all the bad. I’m far from perfect, but I want to see a better world, so I’m attempting to be the change.

See the video for my song that inspired this idea: Music Is Enough

I will be using this hashtag on my Twitter from time to time to share good news and positive ideas I come across, but below are some general ideas and resources to get you started that I personally recommend. I will be updating it from time to time.




  • See how efficient and transparent a charity is before donating: Charity Navigator
  • See if there’s a local Hands On Network service center near you (for example, there is Jersey Cares and New York Cares near me): Points of Light Global Network
  • Search a wide range of volunteer opportunities (and also get info on service-related careers and graduate programs): Idealist
  • Another good volunteer opportunity search: Volunteer Match
  • Usually a good place to get started if you’re looking to help alleviate poverty in your community: United Way
  • Government-sponsored service options (i.e. AmeriCorps for young people and SeniorCorps for seniors): Corporation for National & Community Service
  • Best comprehensive site for teens and young adults 25 and under: DoSomething.org
  • AARP volunteer/altruism site, but has some good “DIY” suggestions for anyone: Create the Good
  • For those particularly interested in donating to small charities in developing countries: GlobalGiving


(in no way meant to be exhaustive of all issues; if others are more important to you, please try some of the above search sites and/or a search engine, and vet using a site like Charity Navigator!)

Health and Illness-related charities

  • For donating hair (which I have a lot of): Locks of Love (to help children with long-term hair loss) and Pantene Beautiful Lengths (to help adult women with cancer)
  • Join the marrow donor registry: DKMS
  • Ronald McDonald House: supports families of sick children
  • Help with breast cancer research by joining a research pool (it is open to everyone, including men and women without cancer, even if just for an occasional health survey): Army of Women

Poverty/Disaster Relief (better alternatives to the Red Cross)

Donating gently used goods (finding alternatives to The Salvation Army and Goodwill)

-This varies by location. Local charities who utilize or resell goods might run their own pick-up services or drop-off locations, or there might be regional services. Ask around, look for local, independent charity shops, and try a search engine.

  • Mid-Atlantic service (limited to a few charities including the Red Cross): GreenDrop
  • New Jersey only (donations go to the local Red Cross): We Collect Clothes
  • (National) For high-quality women’s and children’s clothing which you can opt to donate or get paid for: Thred Up Clean Out