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Most commonly, a complete, personalized song for yourself or a loved one/special occasion. In addition, if you write lyrics or poetry as a hobby, I can bring them to life in a song for you. You can also purchase a topline if you are a music producer, or a commercial jingle/song for business use – but prior contact is recommended before purchasing this.

Turnaround time is usually between 1 & 7 calendar days, but can take up to 2 weeks in some cases. If you need it by a specific date, especially if it is less than 7 days, please contact me before purchasing. Thank you!

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With nearly 10 years of songwriting experience and much of that done on a strict, self-imposed deadline, I am pleased to offer custom songs as a service. The most exciting thing about music and songwriting to me has always been its ability to express deep meaning and to connect people. Now I want to help other people express themselves and connect through music, who can’t necessarily do it on their own. This service can be as simple as giving me a few sentences or points or words to include, or you can tell me what the entire song should say (within reason — I reserve the right to decline topics that go against my values).

I am also able to add music or lyrics to existing ideas or half-songs, and I’m able to do commercial jingles/promotional songs, but I highly recommend contacting me beforehand for these projects so that we can determine if it’s actually a good fit and nail down the legal details. Otherwise, the terms below will apply.

Note: Custom songs are usually finished within a few days, but can take up to 2 weeks to complete. If you absolutely need it by a certain date, it’s best to contact me with the song details and deadline before ordering and I can let you know if I’ll be able to accommodate.

For a guaranteed 1-week turnaround, or if you prefer to order through an established company, you can order from me at Songfinch here. This is only for fully customized, personal-use songs, not for co-writes or business licenses.

Song rights and terms: If you purchase a song for personal use, I will still own 100% of the rights to the parts that I write — i.e. 100% of the song if I write all of it, or if you write the lyrics and I write the music, then you will retain full ownership of your lyrics and I will retain full ownership of the music (and we’ll both have the right to reuse our portion of the work for future songs). You won’t have the right to exploit the song commercially without my permission, and in the case of a co-write, I will not have the right to exploit it without your permission either. However, you are welcome to share the download with friends and family and upload it to your personal website and social media profiles (including non-monetized YouTube channels), with credit to my name and website. Because I own the portions that I wrote and not just my performance, you cannot get around these terms by recording your own version — the same terms will apply in that case: you may use it only for personal use, and cannot sell it or use it to promote a business, product, or service. If you have any doubts, ask first.
-If you purchase the commercial rights (prior contact recommended!), you will have unlimited, perpetual use of the song and recording for personal use and commercial advertising and promotion; HOWEVER, I will still retain full copyrights to the song and I will be allowed to use the lyrics and music for other songs if I choose to. These are NOT work-for-hire contracts that include a copyright transfer. Also note that I absolutely cannot record a jingle that involves putting your company name or slogan into an existing song; that would involve complicated licensing procedures that I don’t currently have the infrastructure to handle. Also note this option is only for non-music companies or individuals looking for jingles or songs for advertising and promotion. If you are a music producer or lyricist looking for a co-write for a song you can directly sell for profit, you will still be legally required to register me as an equal co-writer and split any earnings from selling or streaming the song with me 50/50. Paying my fee would not absolve you of this legal responsibility unless negotiated and agreed in advance. Again, I would recommend contacting me before purchasing anything not for 100% personal use.

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Full custom song for personal use (I will retain all rights), I need music for my lyrics (personal use & legal co-write), I need a vocal topline and lyric to my music track (personal use & legal co-write), Jingle / business use allowed (prior contact recommended; song release for sale or streaming NOT allowed)