Customized, Personalized Song (Choose Your Melody & Pre-Approve Your Lyrics!)


A different kind of custom song, where there are no unpleasant surprises because YOU choose your melody and approve your lyrics to get the song of your dreams. Please see the bottom of this page for more details, FAQ, and order terms.



[Any issues with the ordering process, questions, or comments, feel free to email me.]

For those who don’t know me, my name is Amanda and I’m an active singer-songwriter with a particular passion for writing custom songs. With nearly 10 years of songwriting experience and 150 custom songs under my belt, I’ve witnessed the power of music over and over again to connect people and make special moments even more meaningful – and I’m excited to do the same thing for you.

So tell me your story, and let’s create a touching and personal song that expresses just how you feel about the people in your life, in a way that words alone sometimes can’t.

How it works:

  1. Pick your instrumental/melody: Browse through my current 12 acoustic song templates and choose your favorite one. This is the instrumental and melody that will be used for your song, but the lyric is completely customizable.
  2. Provide your story for me to write about, or even write your own lyric: Fill out a fun questionnaire with as much or as little information as you want.
  3. Receive a first draft lyric for your approval or edits. This can take up to 2 business days. Please keep an eye out for the email, including in your spam folder.
  4. Receive your custom song! From the time of your approval or final edit, it can take up to 2 additional business days for me to record and send you the final song.

Song sample information

  • Tempo/pace: Songs 1-6 are on the slower side, 7-9 are medium, and 10-12 are medium to upbeat.
  • Mood: Songs 1-7 have more of a romantic, sentimental, or serious feel; songs 8-12 have more of a fun and lighthearted feel.
  • Relationship/theme: Any instrumental can be used for any type of relationship or theme—just choose the music that goes best with the mood/vibe you’re looking for.

FAQ and terms

  1. Why order directly from an independent songwriter? As an independent musician, I offer two advantages over the bigger custom song companies:
    • Personal service: You can communicate directly with me at any time during the process. Since I am the person writing and singing your songs, this makes it much easier to handle any questions or concerns that may arise than if you were dealing with a larger company.
    • You’re in control of the lyrics and music: By choosing from an array of pre-made song templates and approving your lyrics before I record, you can avoid unpleasant surprises when you receive your final recording. Just be sure to take care when listening to the samples, filling out the form, and reviewing the first draft of the lyrics.
  2. Are these real custom songs, or do you just plug a few of my details into the existing lyric? Although the instrumental is pre-recorded and the melody is pre-written, the lyrics are 100% customized to your story and situation. Upon receiving your approval, I then go in and record an entirely new vocal for you, but with a similar melody to the sample song. There may be slight changes of course, because every lyric has a slightly different flow.
  3. Do you offer any other styles besides acoustic singer-songwriter, or any other singers? Do you have a male singer? Currently, no. Keep in mind that I am an individual musician working within my own style of music.
  4. Can I write my own lyrics? Absolutely! There’s a designated space for this in the order form. Please note though, that I work with pre-made music and melodies, so you should ideally match your lyric to one of my existing songs as much as possible. If they do not match, I would have to make some adjustments. But you will always receive the final lyric for approval.
  5. Do you include personal details and names? That’s up to you. This is addressed in the questionnaire.
  6. Do you offer rush services? If you need the song within 7 days, it’s best to contact me before ordering and I will let you know. If you are prompt with your lyric approval, most songs get done in 2-4 business days, but you should give yourself a week’s leeway. I don’t offer paid rush services yet, but I can sometimes accommodate a quicker turnaround.
  7. Can I use the song however I want? Who owns the copyright? I will still own the copyright to the song in general. (If you write your own lyrics, you will own the lyrics, but I still own the rest of the song.) You will have an unlimited right to share the song for personal use – for example, send to friends and family, post on social media or other non-monetized websites, play it at a personal event, print out and frame the lyrics as a gift. You may NOT sell the song, upload it to a website that pays you in any way, or use it to advertise a business.
  8. What if I’m not satisfied with the final song? If you follow the instructions, this should not happen. You select the music for the song, and you will have a chance to approve or edit the lyrics before I record. If I make any mistakes in my recording, I will be happy to fix it for free. If it was an error on your part or if you change your mind about a line after the fact, there may be an additional fee for changes. Because it is a custom digital product that takes me significant time to produce, I’m unable to offer refunds once I have done any work.