Dream Teamer Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscription/patronage – minimum $1 ($10 suggested, or whatever you can afford). Current benefits are roughly weekly emails with thoughts and updates, and occasional rough demos – 5-10 per month expected for summer 2022.

Suggested price: $10.00

Minimum price: $1.00 every month



Welcome to the Dream Team, my new private “patronage” system! I’ve finally found a way where I don’t have to give a percentage of it to some big corporation, so here I am, trying it out!

I’m not really one for exclusivity – partly on principle, and partly because it seems counterproductive when you’re trying to build your fan base, not put up walls around it – so the private content will mostly be: 1) personal thoughts that are too long/frivolous/unrelated for my larger-list monthly emails, and 2) links to unlisted demos that I made that month. I can’t guarantee anything yet, but later on, I hope to release demos on a schedule and offer more benefits.

The cost is pay-what-you-want with a minimum of just $1. Most of my music and merch is sold similarly, and I really appreciate that most people pay more based on their income and how much they value my music, live streams, future career, etc.

As we all know, the only way I’ll ever be able to focus on original music full-time is if my number of supporters x average support adds up to my financial needs. Now, at the moment I don’t have nearly enough fans that $1 apiece could sustain me, but it can still be a supplement and add up over time, so if that’s all you can afford, please do sign up and join in the fun. PLUS if you help spread the word about my music, then maybe someday I will be able to sustain myself with $1 from each fan – let’s be optimistic together!

Current Projects (July 2022): It’s 50/90 time again! I definitely don’t expect to write 50 songs this summer, but I will get in at least several songs a month. I’d like to do a bit more experimentation with genres and production this year. I am spending a lot of time doing custom songs for Songfinch, so I’m considering sharing generalized versions of my favorites of those, too.