Ultimate Digital Collection (2015-18) on USB – includes “Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole”


Includes Secrets I Told to a Sound HoleBest of the Throwaway Song of the Week, a variety of old and new demos, and much more.



Includes MP3s of my debut studio album, Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole, all album-related content (lyrics, front and back cover images, promo photos, and more); Best of the Throwaway Song of the Week MP3 album download and album-related content; B-sides and older demos not currently available elsewhere; a curated list of links to my favorite content I’ve put online; and more.

1 GB flash drive, content is not locked, so may be saved and replaced.


  1. A Song That’s Not in G
  2. Sharing a Stage
  3. Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole
  4. Pins and Needles
  5. I Want It, What I Wanted
  6. I Don’t Want to Play Sudoku Anymore
  7. Scuffed Up Boots
  8. Guitar Crucifixion
  9. Music Is Enough
  10. I Want to Marry Music
  11. The Old Lady at the Open Mic
  12. The Major Triad Demon (Bonus)
  13. I Want a Mosh (Bonus)
  14. Live Music Makes All My Decisions (Bonus)

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