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Custom songs

I’ve recently partnered with Songfinch to offer custom songs! They are commonly ordered as personalized love songs or to show appreciation to a parent (especially for events like engagements, anniversaries, and Mother’s and Father’s Day), but you can order it for anyone for any reason or none at all: for a friend, a sibling, or even yourself! You submit style requests and all of the personal & story details you want in the song, and it will be delivered to you as a finished song within 1 week. Check out my samples and order from my Songfinch page here.

If you’d prefer to order from me directly or for other options (e.g. setting your own lyrics to music or jingles for business use), please see my custom song product.

Private shows (virtual and IRL!)

If you’re local in the northern NJ area (or want to pay for my travel and lodging…), I can play at your wedding/party/other event! My usual rate is about $50-100 per hour depending on location, type of event, length of time, any perks, and whether I’m able to promote my music or it’s strictly a covers gig.

And for those of you who still think Zoom or other online events are fun and cool, I can play a private virtual show for you and your friends. You get to pick the set list of originals and/or covers, or I can even take requests live from a list.