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Armed with her guitar and the desire to touch the lives of her listeners through her songs, New Jersey-born-and-bred Amanda Rose Riley has spent the last few years creating eclectic acoustic songs and playing numerous shows and open mics throughout NJ, NYC, and England. This year, she took the next step by releasing her first studio album.

Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole, released in March 2018, harnesses Amanda’s blossoming signature style. Comforting and calming while embodying a lighthearted spirit that shines through in her lyrics and melodies, it is an insightful collection that draws on the experiences she has lived on her musical journey so far, an epic journey that has taken her on the seas three years in a row aboard the Flogging Molly Cruise, to the stage at Asbury Park’s famed Stone Pony, and that has even allowed her to perform with one of her biggest artistic inspirations, Frank Turner.

Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole is available at Amanda’s website and all major digital stores and streaming apps.