My primary interest is playing live shows – including private and virtual ones now! Due to the quarantine, I’ve also begun offering other types of services, including:

  • songwriting/guitar lessons
  • custom songs
  • recording my own guitar or vocal parts for recording projects
  • sharing my experience as a DIY artist with newer artists — helping with bookings, PR, writing bios and EPKs, business and admin tasks, etc.

For any of this, get in touch with me by email or social media below:

Email: amanda[AT]

Facebook: @amandaroseriley

Twitter: @amandaroseriley

If you love my music, it’s probably a good idea to sign up for my email list! About once a month, I send updates on my musical journey and put all the month’s news and new content (sometimes early or exclusive) in one place. I don’t always post everything on social media, and social media sites don’t always want you to see it, so email is definitely your best bet!

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