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All Amanda Rose Riley needs is a guitar in hand and her poignant voice to take you on a beautiful, authentic journey through her love for music. Having performed at a wide variety of venues and festivals across the US East Coast and the UK, Amanda prides herself on an honest song, an open heart, and above all, creating connection.

During the songwriting process, she always thinks about how her songs can touch the lives of others or have a positive impact, for example, by inspiring or comforting listeners. Amanda says the highest compliment she receives is when fans tell her they listen to her music during stressful or discouraging times.

Ever since deciding to pursue music in 2016, Amanda has been the epitome of DIY gusto. Along with releasing albums on her own, she has successfully executed tours overseas and at home in the States, never hesitating to organize a house show, busk in a public place, or hit an open mic to fill in any gaps. Notably, she has established a tradition of performing informally all over the Flogging Molly Cruise for three years in a row, which has been a big hit with her fellow shipmates. Her persistence has enabled her to perform alongside the likes of Frank Turner and the Bouncing Souls.

Influenced primarily by quirky indie folk music as well as punk rock, Amanda’s songwriting style is honest, unfiltered, and has a raw storytelling quality that is rare to see in artists today. Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole, her 2018 studio album, featured a collection of songs that served as a diary documenting her artistic journey. A year later in 2019, her self-produced Millennials Are Going Gray tackled further self-reflective themes, this time centered around what it means to be a “mid-range millennial” in today’s world, as she puts it.

The worldwide COVID-19 shutdown has not stopped Amanda from putting out her second studio release, Better – an album she hopes can remind listeners that “we can always be better as people, as a society, and at whatever it is that we do.” She recorded the album just under the wire during the first week of March 2020. Her quarantine plans include a weekly Facebook Live show (Wednesdays at 4 pm Eastern time) as well as collaborations with many different artists, pages, and groups.

Better is out now in digital and CD format. Fans can purchase and stream it through the usual music channels as well as from her own webstore.