England Tour Tentative Schedule, Still Need Logistical Help!

So I’ve finally settled on a tentative schedule of English cities that seem relatively good for acoustic music. But I still need help finding sofas to crash on and musical opportunities* most places! If you have friends in these places please share with them, and if you can help please fill out my form: goo.gl/forms/Qjs9ojMge19LE4MG3
-WED MAY 3-4: Canterbury (may move around Kent)
-FRI MAY 5-6: Brighton
-SUN MAY 7-8: Southampton (may move around Hampshire)
-TUES MAY 9: Reading
-WED MAY 10-17: LONDON!! (for Lost Evenings but free the days before and after)
-WED MAY 17-18: Colchester (may move around Essex)
-FRI MAY 19-20: Birmingham area?
-SUN MAY 21: Chester
-MON MAY 22: Manchester
-TUES MAY 23: Sheffield
-WED MAY 24: Nottingham
-THURS MAY 25-May 30: LONDON!!
*Opportunities I’m looking for (I just want to sing for as many people as possible!):
-opening slots for local artists/bands (or even just having a local musician buddy would be a big help!)
-house gigs
-groups/communities that help out/give exposure to independent artists
-busking/open mic recommendations
I’m very excited for what I’m cooking up. Thanks and see all you British people soon!

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