I have merch on offer for the first time and I’m stoked!

After many hours over the course of months spent researching the best manufacturers, the best store plug-ins, and a lot more, I am finally pleased to announce that I have merch to offer for my upcoming album, Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole!

If you’re boring, you can of course just buy a digital download of the album for $7, which is lower than anywhere else you’ll be able to buy it because I don’t have a big corporation taking a big chunk of it. Then there is the really good looking CD, a USB containing all material you could possibly want from me and then some, a two-sided T-shirt with my face as the logo (obviously) and a fan-voted quote on the back, and a 4-sticker set (a logo and three quotes). You can pick and choose or, for the people who really like me or just like to collect things pointlessly, you can get everything in the store for $28! You can head on over to my new online merch store for more info on all that.

Big thanks to Matthew John Corrales for designing the CD cover art and T-shirt/logo.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am. Please enjoy some very professional-looking selfies (lighting, etc.) showing proof of my feelings:


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