Introduction/Interview by Jersey Beat + Tour Planning Update

First off I just wanted to share an interview I did a little while back with my good friend Deb at Jersey Beat. It gets into my weirdly encouraging history and background as well as my wildly ambitious goals and vision for the future. As you might expect, my number one inspiration, Frank Turner, figures into multiple aspects of it!
My epic DIY tour is coming together but if you can help in any way, especially in any part of England, I would love to hear from you! Again it’s most convenient for me if you start with my little Google Form that I created for the occasion, and I will contact you when I’m ready to plan for your city.
The ideal type of performance for me is to open for an artist that has a draw in that city, if you’re one of those, or know one (I’d love to join in on both one-off shows and tours!). I’m also really interested in performing live sessions for web series, local/indie radio, etc. if you can connect me with any of those.
Other than that I’m just really looking forward to the ride! I think in many places it will largely end up as open mics/showcases and even busking, but that will still be an exciting adventure of new cities to see, new stages to play, and many new people to meet! I hope, and expect, that it’s only the start of something big and wonderful.

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