My live stream announcement (to be lost in a sea of them)

TL;DR: Free calming/positive vibes live stream performance at my Facebook page today (Wednesday 3/18) at 4 pm ET with more to come!

So, the world is pretty much on lockdown and there is practically no such thing as live music in real life anymore.

It is going to be a hardship for me as I do rely on performing income to pay for about 50% of my monthly necessities and, with terrible timing, I’ve just finished recording a new album funded by credit card. However, I’m not among the very worst affected because I do currently have a part-time job I do from home that can cover some of my expenses, and I have some emergency savings to cover the rest… as long as this doesn’t last too long.

To be honest, more than financially, I rely on live music and performing for my emotional well-being, which is not a small thing. I don’t expect everyone to understand that, but I know a lot of my friends and followers do.

To at least help with the latter, I’ve decided to start doing a Facebook Live show approximately once a week, maybe even more depending on the response I’m getting, how many new originals and covers I’m able to add to my repertoire (I should have plenty of time for that!), and my mood. I expect that these live streams will keep me sane, and if I can help keep up the spirits of a few other people (or even just one!), even better.

I’ll try to announce them in advance and eventually establish a schedule and maybe even some cool themes and collaborations (please hit me up if you’re interested, fellow musicians!), but for now my priority is just doing them and staying active.

If you are not in danger financially at the moment and want to help me pay my bills, I will be accepting tips to my PayPal while performing. Album pre-order also to be announced soon. If you’d rather use your limited disposable income towards health charities or people who are in graver financial danger right now, that is fine too. Everyone is welcome to watch my streams for free.

The first stream will be today, Wednesday 3/18 at 4 pm ET (1 pm PT, 8 pm UK) and will just be a general calming/positive vibes theme – covers and originals as usual. I might sneak in some brand new songs too, we’ll see!

Stay safe everyone, and try to stay positive. The sooner we all (every single person) actually agree to do our part, the sooner we can go back to normal and get back everything we are missing so bad right now.

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