My Past, Present & Future Summed up in a 1-Minute Video

I’d been meaning to make a YouTube trailer for a while, so I spent some time thinking about what I’m really all about. I realized what’s important to me is playing music in any way I possibly can, regardless of not knowing the best way and not being mainstream-ready. So without further ado, here’s my video summary of my DIY acoustic girl-with-guitar rock life!
A huge thank-you to the great Frank Turner for tweeting this video to his 150,000+ followers! He makes a brief cameo, as do my other favorites, the Bouncing Souls.
“Official” DIY videos, vlogs, and bedroom throwaway song sessions are all imminent, so please subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this!
I also haven’t forgotten about real life. I’m about to start pushing pretty heavily to get some small shows at least, so stay tuned for that. (And absolutely, if you can help me get any kinds of shows by any means, please email me.) I may even be expanding across the pond by the end of the year…!

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