New monthly playlist: “Recentish Favorites”

I’ve been wanting to start a playlist to keep track of my favorite newish songs for a while, but I kept putting it off. Now I’m finally doing it, and hopefully updating monthly! I’m going to put my favorite established artists on it, my local friends or people I’ve discovered locally, and the new ones I discover in both categories. I’m hoping this will remind me to keep me listening to a lot of music. I also enjoy supporting other people’s music, and this is a way of doing that.

The vibe might vary from month to month, but I love chill acoustic/folk, punk, indie rock, and most music that’s adjacent to any of those. This month probably has more slow & acoustic, but it’s mixed.

If you have similar taste, please give it a follow and support the artists on it, especially the smaller ones. If you are a fellow indie artist from the NJ/NYC area, let’s be friends — let’s follow and support each other, and maybe play a show together someday soon. Fair warning though, I can’t add everything to the playlist if it doesn’t fit the vibe or isn’t my thing; I want to maintain the integrity so people actually want to follow it!

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