“Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole” on CD w/ Digital Download (Bonus Tracks)


Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole – debut studio album – on CD, with 3 bonus tracks. 14 in total. Digital download included.



New for July 2020: A few people have indicated that if I had a Patreon, they would be happy to support me. But I’m not a fan of Patreon, so I’ve come up with my own solution: the Dream Team! Each month, for $10 you can purchase access to whatever demos I put out, which will be emailed to you in two batches. From July 4th through October 1st, I’m aiming for about one new song every two days as part of the 50/90 songwriting challenge; however, I can’t guarantee a specific number of monthly demos. This is more of a way to be a part of my journey, help ensure I can afford to continue to make music, and hear the earliest versions of the songs that will be on my next album in 2021.

Also, if you decide to buy anything worth $10+ from my store, you will get an automatic membership for the month and will receive the same rewards. Thanks so much for the support and I hope people will enjoy the demos!

CD copy of my debut studio album (on the theme of music and my journey with it), Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole. Bonus tracks released separately on most digital stores as It’s About the Mosh. Digital download included. Cover designed by Matthew John Corrales.


  1. A Song That’s Not in G
  2. Sharing a Stage
  3. Secrets I Told to a Sound Hole
  4. Pins and Needles
  5. I Want It, What I Wanted
  6. I Don’t Want to Play Sudoku Anymore
  7. Scuffed Up Boots
  8. Guitar Crucifixion
  9. Music Is Enough
  10. I Want to Marry Music
  11. The Old Lady at the Open Mic
  12. The Major Triad Demon (Bonus)
  13. I Want a Mosh (Bonus)
  14. Live Music Makes All My Decisions (Bonus)

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