I’m in my first official release planning phase!

Now that my songwriting period is over, I just want to give a quick update on what is happening next. I’m very happy with many of these songs (really the first time I’ve reached that point), so I am prepared to do what it takes to get them out there properly. I have lots of ideas of my own, and I’m also doing loads of research and reaching out to people to develop a plan so I can find the best ways to:

  1. Record it in a way that sounds great and isn’t boring, which probably means I have to go outside of my bedroom, and may mean I need to find another musician or two to help!
  2. Digitally distribute and possibly have a physical release too. 
  3. Get the attention of platforms that can actually get my music to new people, like bloggers, curators, local/indie radio, etc.
  4. Hopefully get better and better gigs by continuing to pester artists, venues and promoters (with now better songs); participating in busking and similar schemes; and finding more creative performance opportunities (…with or without permission) like I’ve done on the Flogging Molly Cruises, etc.
I’m verrry open-minded so if you have advice or recommendations they are always welcome. I’m especially always looking for more help with #4, gigging opportunities or leads. I’ll pretty much play anywhere! And support from others is essential to continue to grow in this area, so if you want to see me play near you (which I would love to do!), then please do help me get gigs, even if it’s just by telling local promoters about me.
With everything I have to do, I imagine the release will be near the beginning of 2018, but I can’t be sure yet. I hope to resolve some of the items on the list and offer more updates soon!

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