The Fine Print

The Fine Print is my newest, upcoming album, out June 18, 2021. It’s the first album I’ve self-produced with multiple instruments (including electric guitar and virtual drums and bass). As the title suggests, the songs often deal with themes of overcoming anxiety and being bold. These are not new themes for me, but more than before, this one feels like drawing a line in the sand. This is partly due to the more exciting arrangements, and partly because the quality of my songs has continually improved as I have studied songwriting and practiced the craft.

The best place to pre-order the digital release is my store — this will be cheapest for you while also netting me the most cash. You can also pre-save on Spotify and other top streaming sites here. Check back on release day for other direct purchase and streaming links.


  1. The Bench at the Top of the World
  2. Boulder
  3. Have You Ever Slept with the Lights on?
  4. Forever Young
  5. The Artless Artist
  6. The Fine Print
  7. Anxiety
  8. I’ll Bring My Voice

CREDITS: Written, performed, and produced by Amanda Rose Riley (ASCAP). Cover by Nicole Elizabeth & Matthew John Corrales.

Lyrics & Links

Stay tuned for lyrics and streaming links on release day!