The Throwaway Song of the Week: The End of an Era

I’m very proud to say that I’ve just sent out my final, FIFTY-SECOND weekly song! I had a great time, learned a lot and wrote some songs I still really like. You can listen to the Best of the Throwaway Song of the Week album on my music page. You’ll also be able to watch me play some of them live at my virtual showcase on June 11th!

If you sign up for my email list within the month of June, I’ll send you the  album in a convenient .zip file. And you should, because this month I’m also introducing a new monthly newsletter! I think it’ll have something for everyone, from updates and goodies related to my music, to random recommendations and interesting things I’ve come across in my daily life.

I’m primarily looking for gigs at the moment, and although I have a lot of things in the works myself, any help is still welcome (feel free to email me). Expect some news very soon. Stay tuned!

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