My Past, Present & Future Summed up in a 1-Minute Video

I’d been meaning to make a YouTube trailer for a while, so I spent some time thinking about what I’m really all about. I realized what’s important to me is playing music in any way I possibly can, regardless of not knowing the best way and not being mainstream-ready. So without further ado, here’s my video summary of my DIY acoustic girl-with-guitar rock life!
A huge thank-you to the great Frank Turner for tweeting this video to his 150,000+ followers! He makes a brief cameo, as do my other favorites, the Bouncing Souls.
“Official” DIY videos, vlogs, and bedroom throwaway song sessions are all imminent, so please subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed this!
I also haven’t forgotten about real life. I’m about to start pushing pretty heavily to get some small shows at least, so stay tuned for that. (And absolutely, if you can help me get any kinds of shows by any means, please email me.) I may even be expanding across the pond by the end of the year…!

The Music That Made My Life

Today marks the first day of my new monthly e-newsletter, and I imagine also a new chapter in my life. Seventeen days ago I sent out the 52nd Throwaway Song of the Week, and five days ago I had a showcase party to celebrate. Now, I’ll focus less on cranking out endless songs, and more on putting those songs out there and performing everywhere I can.

The theme of the first newsletter is “the music that made my life.” If you’re so inclined, you can listen to a Spotify playlist that takes you on a musical journey from my toddlerhood to the present day, as well as a slightly less comprehensive YouTube playlist that also includes some personal music moments, and music-related videos that are more than just songs. You may test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle. (Right?!)

I’d also like to announce the following performances I’ll be giving at Montclair Make Music Day this Tuesday, June 21:
2:15-2:45: DollyMoo/MishMish storefront
3:15-3:45: Pedal Montclair storefront
4:15-4:45: outside Java Love

If you didn’t sign up in time for this newsletter, make sure you sign up in time for my birthday edition next month. Remember, everyone who signs up during the month of June gets a free download of the Best of the Throwaway Song of the Week album!

TSOTW closure… the showcase was a success!

So I had a great time throwing myself a live streamed showcase party today with my closest friends and family. You can watch the archived stream here.

I was really happy with the pleasant company of the people who came as well as the nice comments from my distant friends. They’re all eventually getting low-budget lyric coloring booklets to commemorate.

I can’t sustain it forever, but for now, if no one is giving me the opportunities I want, I’ll find ways to make them! I guess that has been the theme of this whole past year or so, and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon.